Thursday, September 3, 2009

this ones for you Natalie and Val

We just got pictures of Karson and Easton in the mail today. And quite some time ago we recieved some of Brianna. Thanks to both of you. I really love seeing them grow and how dang cute they are. And of course my girls are ecstatic when they get them. Above is the collection they have of them. It is kind of funny that I recieved the pics of Karson and Easton because I was just about to post a blog titled (one of these things is not like the other) with the picture of Kortni's room. So a big thanks to you Nat. And Val I am so sorry I haven't thanked you yet, I still have your card on my kitchen table to remind me to send you a thank you and I keep forgetting. So I guess this is your card. Sorry!!! But the real reason i am blogging is because Kambree just brought her pictures up to her room to put away and said, "how old was Brianna when we first got pictures of her?" and then she continued saying how cute she was. Then she says, "you know, when she gets older she is not going to have any problems finding a boyfriend because she is so cute." She said it was because she got her moms pretty face. Now I have to agree she is quite a doll. And Nat your boys are so stinkin cute I can't wait to see you guys. Love you....So here is you pic

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Growing up

Why do our kids have to grow up sooooo fast. Jon is always saying "look, our little Kortni is growing up!" So today we went to a school play because Kortni was helping with the props and when we got there she was handing out programs and taking tickets also. As soon as Kam saw her she says "oh, our little Kortni is growing up!" She is such a mini Jon it is not even funny... Also we had a message on our answering machine yesterday from the library where she has been volunteering and they have a program that will pay her for working in the summer and they wanted her to apply. The lady that called said she kind of gets a say in who is hired and she really wanted Kortni and her friend to do it. I guess she really is growing up....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Day

Both of my girls had excellent grades for third quarter. They both had one B and the rest were A's. I am so thankful that they are so smart because I have been out of school WAY too long and they are learning things I cannot help them with anymore. What a dummy.....
Look at this lovely little gem I found when I was going through Kams homework. Look at the second sentence about how she is so abused. It is kind of hard to read but it says " I was scrounging for food because my mom would refuse to go to the store.

When we were there for Christmas we were driving down the street and saw a man snowblowing the sidewalk. Kam looked up and said "that's funny he is mowing the snow." Obviously she has never seen a snowblower.

some more Kambree funnies

The other day I was writing a few things down that i needed to pick up at the store. Before I left I asked if i was missing anything and Kam says, "let me see" when she hands it back this is what i see. The cough drops were for Kort and the light bulbs were for me so I guess she felt a little left out????
A few years ago Kam made a rule in our house that who ever did not kneel for family prayer would have to say the prayer for that night. For some reason she hated to kneel so most nights she would end up saying it. So as usual we get ready to pray and she is not kneeling so I tell her she needs to say the prayer to which she replies "I'm kneeling in my heart." Kids pick up on everything, Jon is always saying he has a prayer in his heart or he has a song in his heart(because he refuses to sing in sacrament meeting.) So needless to say since Jon taught her he got to say the prayer.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Yesterday when Kambree got home from school she informed me she was sooooo tired but she still had a chapter and a half to still read in her book. She had to take a test on it today so she wanted to know if I would read it to her since I can read faster. So as we are laying in bed last night reading, she informs me she cannot keep her eyes open any longer and wants to know if I could go ahead and read it and then give her a summary on it in the morning. So apparently she does not know what cheating is!!!! So i explain to her that this would be cheating and she would have to listen to the entire thing. It always amazes me the things we just expect kids to know. I forget that we have to teach them everything!! So Chrissy i looked at your blog and I was not removed. Thanks for the love!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

kortni got her first job

kortni just got a job volunteering at the library...she starts on saturday and will work from 12 to 3 every there is no money involved but a great opportunity

i have the best girls ever

i'm back and posting...hehehe...well i went to parent teacher conferences and was very pleased...kortni had all a's and 1 b....but her teacher said she missed having an a by like 1 or 2 percent...and it was because she is so quiet(it was in drama)...every one of her teachers told me she was such a great student and a great example to the other students...some of them even said they would like to clone her so they could have the perfect that is my first born and how wonderful is that???kam's teacher said the same thing about cloning her...she also had straight a's, got an award for being student of the quarter, and also got an award for having a 4.0....her teacher also said that she is the only student that gets to sit by her friend because she is so good...all of the other friends had to be split up...kam also gets to do extra things for her teacher because she loves her sooo much....since her school is so stupid, they decided that the 4th grade teachers don't need any help in the classrooms....her teacher was not very happy about that she said she loved having the help last year...but she did invite me to go on field trips with them when they go(she was only inviting the parents that she liked)....maybe i am a little weird but it was kind of sad to think that i was done volunteering since she is my is an example of the stupidity....for halloween only the kindergarten through 3rd grade was allowed to dress up...the 4th through 8th grade could not...the high school could...well i take her to school and all of the teachers were dressed fair is that????the adults can dress up but my 9 year old cannot???they are sooooooooooooooooooo retarded!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

oh kam

on saturday jon was paying kam her allowance and i heard her say "thanks, it's a pleasure doing business with you" she is soooo funny...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

kambree again

so last night kam said another funny...when Jon is home he is supposed to tuck her in at last night he walked away and did not do it so she starts calling him "Jon......Jon.....Jon" so when he comes in he tries to be funny and just throws her blanket on her and she yells "you're fired!!!!" and of course jon is like "ok thanks" and then she points up above her bed and says "always kiss me goodnight, remember" this is the decorations above her bed

Thursday, October 9, 2008

oh crap

well i'm sitting here trying to remember all of the things i wanted to blog about and after i publish i remember more...this is probably the last one for tonight though..when kam says the dinner prayer she always says "please bless the hands that blessed it" i try to tell her that it is bless the hands that prepared it but when she gets something on her mind there is no convincing her otherwise

i forgot about this

ok...along with the other post i just made this made me laugh also....kam was having a sleepover with her friend and after they went to bed and i went to turn off the lights this is what i found....a miniature animal hospital made out of a box of tissues and some tape...she is so creative and resourceful.....hahahaha

now look close at these next pics...they were super funny....they had little turbins on their heads and not only do they get blankets but they also get pillowsthen last.....she is such a crazy sleeper i feel bad for her friends that have to sleep in the same bed with her